Get Creative


Our workshops are available as an additional service. A house tour and introduction of Paranduskelder is included. 

At the moment we offer:

“Get Creative from rubbish” 

  • Duration: 60 – 90 min
  • Number of participants: 9-25
  • Age: 7+


It’s time to put your creativity to work using useless everyday objects. During the workshop, we prepare creative solutions to address environmental challenges. We test people’s ability to think outside the box and generate new brilliant ideas. The workshop is fast-paced, exciting, and playful, and is suitable for people working in different fields. Perfect as a team-building event!  Environmental issues are the biggest challenge of this century, and a creative approach can be one of the tools that can help humanity come to the solutions. It is important to remember that creativity is a skill that can be trained!

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