Paranduskelder is an NGO based in Tartu, Estonia. Our mission is to create a global network of individuals and organisations that have already adapted behaviours, and implemented systems of a circularity based world. We serve this goal on three levels:


Paranduskelder (meaning Repair Basement) is a community maker/repair space located in The Widget Factory. We are focused on repair, upcycling and do-it-yourself activities. We aim to encourage change within people’s habits and mindset towards repairing.


Paranduskohvik event series (Repair cafe events) provides an opportunity for the local community to gain and develop their DIY and repairing skills. In this manner we demonstrate very practically, that most of the everyday objects, regardless of their design, are in fact repairable.


The international community is grown via YouTube channel Paranda. Paranda’s videos are in English and they cover broader ideas on transition to sustainably functioning global systems. We have planned activities taking part in international strategic partnerships.


Our goal is to popularize repairing and upcycling as one of the necessary components of circular economy. One of the most influential ways to serve this purpose is to organize Repair Cafés which we have been doing since 2017 in various places around Estonia. In this way, we extend the lifespan of everyday objects (whilst saving valuable resources and the environment) and people acquire repair skills. In November 2019 we opened up our own workshop in the basement of an old factory complex and called it Paranduskelder. Since then we have organized various workshops, events and lectures connected to sustainable lifestyle and have been working towards building a resilient community. The community includes professionally skilled craftsman, engineers, architects, creatives, educators and artists. Our NGO is funded yearly by the municipality of Tartu.