What is it


Repair Café‘s format was originally developed in the Netherlands, where you invite people to bring their broken things, as well as ”fixers” and during a few hours repair as many things as possible. The goal of the Repair Café is to show that things CAN be repaired! 

At least once a month we organise Repair Cafés in different locations at Tartu, where we have volunteer repair experts and the public can come to repair and to enjoy some coffee and cakes while learning about fixing things and socializing. We believe that by increasing the understanding of people about the value of things and of the effort it takes to repair things, we can change people’s perceptions about consuming so that they would consume fewer things which are higher in quality and which can be repaired or repurposed.

In the year 2018, our project was part of the ESC Solidarity Projects program and got help for developing it during 2019. The season 2020 Repair Café was an official part of Tartu‘s cultural program.  This year we’re going to organize three different events around Tartu with the help of Tartu small environmental project. More information coming soon on our Facebook page. Want to invite Repair Café to your place (it doesn’t matter if you are a bar, a school, or a business)? Just give us a shout at

Repair Cafés attract people from many different backgrounds. What’s common among them is that they are all problem solvers. Are you a problem solver too or do you want to become one? Consider becoming a volunteer at a Repair Café. Write to us about your skills and availability!