Repair Stop

Just fix it


Repair Stop repairers will help you to get your stuff fixed with guidance, tips, mentoring and if very necessary then gentle hand in hand approach (sorta like in a romantic film, when one teaches the other eg. holding the golf club) Main thing is – You are the main Repairer.

Repair Stop professional repairers are here to help you to;

A) get your stuff fixed and

B) become a better repairer.


Repair Stop is open Tue – The 17:00 – 21:00 


Tuesday – Textile, clothing, sewing – Torm & Kail

Wednesday – Electronics – Janeli & Urmas

Thursday – Bicycles and General repair – Ilmar & Mikk


The participation fee is voluntary based. Donations help us cover the costs of the project.


Join us to mend your broken and tear clothing pieces, or just work on your own sewing projects in the company of others! We provide access to sewing machines, a serger (overlock machine), basic sewing tools, scrap fabrics, riveting machine and supplies.


Bring the everyday electronics that you are not confident enough to explore yourself. Together we can share ideas and you can ask for help. Our Repair Heroes are available at certain times to talk you through your projects and safe use of the equipment. Possibility to use 3-D Printer. 


Learn how to repair and maintain your bike yourself. No more waiting at the bike shop, soon you’ll discover you are perfectly capable of doing most of the fixes yourself or just with a little help from our Repair Hero who is present during Thursdays. Please bring your own spare parts.

Overview of tools (list is not exhaustive):

Miter saw

Cordless drills


Soldering iron

and hot air

rework station

Circular saw

Pillar drill

Bicycle tools



Angle grinder


Bench vice

Band saw 

Orbital sander

Hand tools

3D printer