FixIts repair stick


A repair stick that softens when heated and can be freely shaped into any shape for creative fixes.

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Fix the house with a FixIts stick!

The FixIts eco-friendly repair stick is easy to use and very multifunctional. It can be used for all kinds of repair work and is one of the fastest tools for this. Ditch the throwaway culture and show some love to your items. You will also be surprised what can be fixed if you dedicate a little time to it.

How to use:

Warm it in freshly boiled water or, for example, with a hair dryer, grab a piece and mold it like plasticine. Form it into a broken object to fill holes, around cables or wires. The possibilities are endless. As it cools, the repair stick remains in its molded shape. And all this within five minutes.

Features of the correction stick:

  • Easy to mold and softens quickly.
  • Unlimited reformatability
  • Mixable with other colors
  • Non-toxic inert composition
  • With electrical insulating properties
  • Compostable according to the European Union Biodegradability Standard EN 14995
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Black, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow


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