The dream


From the beginning of the times when we started to organize Repair Cafes we had a dream. It is THE Repair bus. In autumn 2020 we started a crowdfunding campaign at to get a step closer to the dream. By December 2020 we got help from 321 people and managed to reach the goal. At the moment the bus is still an ongoing project and soon you’ll hear more information about it. And who knows maybe next time we’ll see you at your place…


Until then we’ll tell you how we imagine it like: we have everything we need on the repair bus so that we can organize a Repair Cafe anywhere. The bus has general tools, some materials, bicycle tools, a sharpening machine, a compressor, sewing machines and equipment to repair simpler electronics. The bus can accommodate 2 folding tables, 8 folding chairs and a tent. There is also a possibility to order a pop-up café with homemade cakes and pies. The bus can seat a total of 6 repair heroes to make the ride more fun and ensure there will be enough instructors on site. To organize a successful event, all we need is electricity from the host. To invite Repairbus to your event or community write