What can you repair with the Repair Bus?


The right answer would be – “What needs fixing?”

We customize the equipment according to the event we are invited to. In general, the Repair Bus comes with everything necessary for us to organize a Repair Cafe anywhere. The bus has general tools, some materials, bicycle tools, a knife/scissors/axe sharpening bench, a sewing machine and equipment needed to repair basic electronics. In addition, all kinds of glues, tapes, fasteners and eager craftsmen. A boat battery covers the power needs of simpler devices for the duration of the events. If necessary, we can fit a few folding tables and some chairs in the bus if we have to repair in open air.

The bus can accommodate a total of 6 masters to make the ride more fun and that there would be enough instructors on site. In addition, it is possible to order a cafe, i.e. pies, cakes and tea/coffee.


How did we arrive the the Repair Bus idea?


When we started organizing Repair Cafes in 2017, we didn’t know where it would eventually lead, but we secretly longed for Repair Cafes to take place all over Estonia. In autumn 2020, we launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform to get one step closer to this dream. By December 2020, we met the goal thanks to 135 people who supported us. We acquired the bus in the summer of 2021, and we are subsequently adapting it into a mobile Repair Cafe.

Have a look at our Hooandja crowdfunding campaign video

Which events would be a great fit for the Repair bus?


The repair bus is our mobile hand extension, with which we can offer our services further away from our Tartu workshop. Therefore, we can offer all our services using the Repair bus.

If you want to invite us as a Repair Cafe, the Repair Bus works very well, for example, on community fairs, which are longer in duration and where people from the neighborhood are closely together. You don’t always carry broken things with you, and it’s good when you can quickly jump through your house and bring an item with you.

We can also organize Repair Cafes, for example, in youth or community centers or even in bar or two. In the past, we have been to Genialistid, Barlova and Ula bar to organize a Repair Café. In addition, we can come with the Repair Bus to conduct workshops. They could be suitable, for example, for corporate team building in your office or another environment. Check out the workshops we offer.